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As you can see in the movie, I’m going through life in a wheelchair.
Of course my bimmer is adapted, so the gas and the brake is operated at the steering wheel.
You can let a specialized company do this, but I chose to do it myself.
I let a company do it to my first car, and this looked hideous, AND it cost me a lot of money too…

Meanwhile, this is my 4th car I adjusted myself.
You can do it yourself, as long as it’s properly done, and all secure. Once your build is done, you need to get an approval, by a technical inspection.
Of course there are rules you must respect.
One of those things is, that you can not weld onto the brake pedal

This is a picture of the entire system that is mounted to the steering gear.
On the left you see the bracket where the pivot point of the brake is mounted.
This bracket must be made very strong, cause a lot of power comes on it, especially when you have to do an emergency brake.

The bracket itself is mounted with 2 clamps on the handlebar and two screws on the side (where the dashboard is secured)

This piece is screwed to the brake pedal.

This adjustable rod is connected between the brake pedal and brake on the steering wheel.

Here you can see how everything is mounted in the bimmer.
The iron bar with the rubber handle that you see, is my brakepedal.
Before the handle you see a mountainbike-brake. This is the thing I use to accelerate.

So, the brake lever is connected with a steel rod, screwed onto the brake pedal. This works perfectly, and most of the time, I only need a few fingers to brake.
What acceleration is concerned, I’ve made this with an INOX shiftingcable of a bicycle. The runs into a “gain”, and comes our behind of the gas pedal.
By pulling the mountain bike lever, I also pull the gas pedal. It works perfectly, and runs smooth.
The advantage of how I made it, is that my wife can operate the entire vehicle in the normal way, feetwise.

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