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Default Re: ROBolop Design (bmw e46)

Because I'm mounting the Soundstream amplifiers upside down, the inside should look very nice as well.
All the components must be perfectly straight.
The screws where the final stages are fixed with, I personally think, look like ****!

To just replace these screws would be simple, but the original screws are UNC (Unified Coarse) thread, and in Europe it's metric thread.
So I have to retap everything for M4 screws.

After that I sinked in the original thick roundells, sanded and polished them.
I worked almost one full day to get to this result.

But I'm really happy with the result

On the inside, the amps will remain like this for the time being. On the outside a lot of things will happen, I'm afraid.
I think the aluminium casing which holds the circuit board, will get a treatment with the mill/cutter in the near future.

When everything is ready, I will send these amplifiers to England to amp docter
I got some emails done with Gordon Tailor. He's going to check them completely.

He is going to change some things.

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